So far my journey into the aviation industry is short, but I have loved it… Read More


Hey! My name is Aaron, I’m 21 years old and a recently qualified commercial pilot, due to finish my ATPL license in Autumn 2023… Read More


Hi it’s 22 years old First Officer Rafaella Drago, and I would like to share some facts about me and my aviation journey… Read More


My name is Ian! I started flying at the age of 16 in Columbus, GA. It was a slow climb for me to get where I am today, but not everyone’s journey is straight up… Read More


I was first exposed to aviation at three years old when I was taken to see Concorde at the National Museum of Flight in Edinburgh. That’s when my passion for aviation was sown and as I grew up this passion… Read More


Hello! My name is Priyanka. I’m 23 years old and I am an aspiring commercial pilot. I decided at age 7 that I wanted to fly and since then I have taken an interest in aviation and done everything in my power to achieve this dream.

Cameron Gow

Hi everyone, my name’s Cameron. From a young age, my passion for aviation and engineering derived from my father who exposed me to the industry…. Read More


Aloha fellow pilots of Instagram from all “flights of life” and aspiring aviators!👋 My love story with aviation began at the age of 5 on my first flight with my granddad (a Delta Airlines Captain and avid general aviation pilot).


My name is Kathan Dudhela, I am currently UK’s youngest flight instructor and the world’s youngest flight examiner… Read More

Captain Chris Brown

I hope you will find it useful in planning your own journey. My parents emigrated from Jamaica and Guyana, and I enjoyed a modest upbringing in North London…

Bridget Donaldson

I am a qualified private pilot, engineer, cabin crew member, and researcher. I have spent over a decade in the aviation sector and have experience of both commercial and military aviation.

Chloe Smith

Hello, my name is Chloe! I’m currently an Aerospace Engineering and Pilot Studies student at the University of Central Lancashire.

Fajr Fahd

I am an aviation enthusiast with a profound passion for flying that was ignited at a young age. 

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