Chloe Smith

Hello, my name is Chloe! I’m currently an Aerospace Engineering and Pilot Studies student at the University of Central Lancashire.

I still remember the exact moment I fell in love with aviation, I was driving through the Lake District with my mum and a Typhoon flew overhead. I can still hear the noise like it was yesterday and the excitement I felt as it flew overhead, it’s safe to say I’ve been captivated by aviation since!

Despite having a huge passion for planes and saying my dream job would be a fast jet pilot in the RAF, I never considered a career in aviation as an option for me until I was around 12/13. This was when I set my heart on working as Cabin Crew for British Airways. At age 20, this dream became a reality and I was offered the job!

On my first flight after sitting in the flight deck for take off I knew straight away I wanted more. I had my heart set on flying commercially, and whilst financially that wasn’t an option for me I figured I would go back to resit my GCSE science qualifications (as I had left school without) and figure what was next from there. The more I studied, the more I realised how much I loved physics and chemistry and after achieving A**’s I would go on to higher education, which then lead me on to studying Aerospace Engineering! No surprise that my favourite films are Top Gun and Interstellar!


I am a huge believer that it is never too late to learn, add to your skillset and make your dreams a reality. I would love to work as a safety engineer one day, and with my past experience as cabin crew I’m passionate about Human Factors and the impact this can have on safety and flight performance. I’m also lucky enough to fly with North West Aerobatics and keep my feet off the ground while I study, I’m hoping that upon my graduation I will have also have completed my PPL as I complete my theory and build flying hours alongside my degree!

For anyone wanting to follow in my footsteps I will say, follow your passions and never stop doubting in your abilities. You are more than capable to accomplish anything and no dream is too big! I’d also say networking is such a great tool and it’s amazing what you can learn from the people you meet along the way.

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