Olivia Fuller

Aloha fellow pilots of Instagram from all “flights of life” and aspiring aviators!👋

My love story with aviation began at the age of 5 on my first flight with my granddad (a Delta Airlines Captain and avid general aviation pilot). Part of my childhood was spent living on our family airstrip and my helping my granddad home-build several Vans RV aircraft.

I attended Liberty University’s School of Aeronautics on a flight training scholarship, graduated with my B.S. in Aeronautics, and taught as a CFI. Jumping through more doors of opportunities, I obtained my A&P certification, seaplane rating, several type ratings, and later, my Masters in Aeronautics and Space Sciences with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Wanting to give back to this great country, I joined the US Navy and completed one of the world’s most rigorous flight training programs to maintain the freedom and privileges we hold so dear today. I flew the T-6B, T-44C, and EP-3 around the entire country and parts of the world on deployments. During my time in service, I learned to overcome many challenges, build fortitude in demanding environments, and underwent extreme character building which molded me into the person I am today.

I’m currently based at PHNL flying B-737s around the Hawaiian Islands as I progress with my second career. I work as “the local airport bum” offering freelance flight instruction and aircraft maintenance. However, the bread and butter of my career has been giving back to the industry and helping others achieve their goals through mentorship, motivation, and helping them make the right connections.

One of my favorite quotes by Admiral Richard E. Byrd, American naval officer, and explorer, “Progress grows out of motion.” I believe in the importance of setting goals to initiate forward progress to be the best version of yourself and best bless those around you. My current aviation goals are to obtain my glider commercial add-on rating this summer, become an A&P IA by the end of the year, and start on a Ph.D. My future dream is to own and operate an airstrip/airport of my own one day 💕✈️✨

Dream on! Blue skies and happy landings!!

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