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Pilot preparation is aviation insider’s hub for everything a pilot needs to prepare for a job assessment or interview

Simulator Preparation

Aviation Insider offers professional, Simulator Assessment Preparation Sessions that are designed to give you the best possible chance of passing your simulator check and getting the job. Our preparation sessions have been created to be as close to the real assessment as possible with previous client feedback but we don’t just teach you what previous clients had, we equip you with the tools to handle all situations.

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Interview Preparation

Are you are an aspiring airline pilot, current airline pilot or military pilot with an airline pilot assessment coming up?

Aviation Insider has a long-standing partnership with AirlinePrep. AirlinePrep is made up of friendly and professional HR airline recruitment pilots who are ready to support you!

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How to pass an airline assessment

Arguably, securing your first commercial pilot position is the most difficult challenge of your career, read this guide to prepare you for whats ahead.

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Preparation Guides

Airline-specific interview and simulator assessment preparation guides are built using genuine assessment profiles from previous client feedback, Leadership, and competency-based questions.

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Aptitude Tests

Pilot Aptitude testing is an important element in the pilot recruitment process. They are designed to allow the assessor to gain an understanding of an applicant’s potential to succeed in both the training process and in their roles as a pilot, prior to any specific training taking place.

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Airline Careers

A list of the world’s major airline careers pages for you to easily find.

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