Pilot Priyanka

Hello! My name is Priyanka. I’m 23 years old and I am an aspiring commercial pilot.
I decided at age 7 that I want to fly and since then I have taken an interest in aviation and done everything in my power to achieve this dream.
At 14 years old I joined air cadets where I had my first flying experience and worked my way up the ranks teaching cadets many things such as principles of flight, aircraft navigation, fieldcraft, radios, shooting, drill and much more. I aged out and left as a Cadet Warrant Officer with many qualifications achieved such as a GCSE in aviation studies as well as becoming a qualified Radio Communications and Air Rifle instructor.
In 2016 I was grateful to get the opportunity to take part in Fly2help’s scholarship scheme where I was the lucky one of all the candidates who won £500 towards my first few lessons to obtain my PPL as well as got to present my experience and career aspirations at the RAF club in London gaining many connections. Since then me and my single mother have worked extremely hard to save to finally achieve my dream by baking cakes, doing bridal henna, sewing outfits, working in multiple jobs, doing overtime and much more!
In 2019 I went to university where I completed an Air Transport with Commercial Pilots License Degree in which I graduated in July 2023. During the course I obtained my PPL, NR, ATPL and IR(r) through the Modular route and knowledge on how the aviation industry works. Since then I have joined easyJet as cabin crew whilst hour building alongside. Working at easyJet has given me an insight into the real commercial side of aviation and it’s made me fall in love with aviation all over again! I aim to complete the rest of my license until I have my full F(ATPL).
I started off with nothing but just a dream. My single mother believed in me and more importantly I believed in my ability to be able to achieve this dream. I highly recommend anyone aspiring to become a pilot to join air cadets and definitely work as cabin crew. Both have helped me excel from being a shy under-confident girl into a proud and confident woman. If I can do it, you can definitely do it!
Feel free to get in touch with me via my social media platforms…
Good luck with your journey

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