For Pilots

Pilot Training

Aviation insider is at hand to revalidate or renew your pilot’s license. We also offer other add ons like CCQ’s and Instructor courses.

License Revalidation (in date)

Aviation Insider offers LPC’s for pilots who need to revalidate their licence. This check is conducted by qualified TREs who are experienced on type. We have access to level D simulators across the UK and Europe.

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License Renewal (Expired)

If a type rating has expired, you are required to receive renewal training as determined by an ATO. Aviation Insider offers Licence Proficiency Checks (LPC) with our team of friendly TRE’s.

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We offer CCQ training with our partner ATO’s. If you have flown the a380 or a330 and want to fly the a320, click here to find out more.

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MPL to CPL Conversion

If you have already completed an MPL and wish to transfer to a license that makes you more employable

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TRI/TRE Courses

The TRI/SFI/TRE course is the next step for those flight crew members wishing to Instruct on a Type Rating Course.  Candidates must be appropriately qualified to join the course.

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ATPL Unfreeze/ Upgrade

A frozen atpl holder refers to somebody who has passed all the required theoretical exams but does not qualify them to be issued with a full atpl until he has logged a total of 1500 hours and is subject to certain conditions.

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