The Nashville Pilot


Here is everything requested:

“My name is Ian! I started flying at the age of 16 in Columbus, GA. It was a slow climb for me to get where I am today, but not everyone’s journey is straight up. It took me about 10 years just to go from my first discovery flight to an airline pilot living in Nashville, Tennessee. I have instructed for several years, participated in first of its kind commercial drone development programs, and flown for the airlines as well as cargo. My favorite flying I have ever done is seaplane training in Alaska with Alaska Floats & Ski’s. I am currently pursuing military aviation (stay tuned for how that goes), and I hope to do aerobatic and rotorcraft training one day. When I am not engrossed in the aviation world I am playing music, skydiving, scuba diving, hanging out with my wonderful girlfriend, raising my pup, catching a flick, doing photography, or helping to run my music business. What got me here today is constantly trying to be a better version of myself in hopes that I can be the best pilot and person I can possibly be.”

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