Fajr Fahd

I am an aviation enthusiast with a profound passion for flying that was ignited at a young age. My journey into the world of aviation began when I started my flying training at the age of 16, driven by a curiosity for the art of flying. A pivotal moment was a gift flight from my dad, which revealed my calling as an airline pilot. As I delved deeper into the aviation industry, I became acutely aware of the scarcity of female and diverse representation. This realization fueled my determination to become a role model for, and represent, women, people of diverse backgrounds and especially for Muslim girls, and to break the gender stereotypes prevalent in many societies where being a pilot is viewed as a ‘man’s job.’ In many Asian cultures, being a female pilot is looked down upon and so can be a huge confidence knock for a lot of women, however I hope that the everchanging aviation industry and stories like mine can help to encourage all women that they are worthy and capable of anything.

Becoming a flying instructor was a deliberate choice, rooted in my desire to inspire and empower others by sharing my love for aviation. I am particularly proud to have broken barriers with the unwavering support of my parents, challenging cultural norms and stereotypes. My mission is to instill confidence and belief in others, letting them know that their dreams are achievable and that they are worthy and capable of achieving greatness. My own journey from a shy young girl with self-doubt to the UK’s youngest female Private Pilot License (PPL) flying instructor fuels my passion to share my story and inspire those who may face similar challenges. Recently, I worked with Flyer Magazine to create an article about my achievement with a positive hope that it can help make a change.

In my instructional career, I have achieved the distinction of being the UK’s youngest female PPL flying instructor, teaching LAPL/PPL and also taking on Night Instruction, FAA conversions, cross channel checkouts and more as an unrestricted FI. I have recently gained the required hours to teach the CPL syllabus and I aspire to continue growing, aiming to teach the CPL syllabus, leveraging the leadership, decision-making, and workload management skills honed through my instructing experience.

Beyond flying, my love for charity work fuels my desire to make a positive impact on the world. From charity runs to organizing educational trips, I actively seek ways to contribute to society. In 2016 I went on a 2 week trip to Pakistan where me and my mum gave around 100 children of the SOS orphaned village the basic and vital necessities such as educational books, stationary, study material, food and water and we were able to put smiles on the children’s faces and help them acquire the skills needed to have a good future.

Fluent in English and Urdu, and in the process of learning Albanian, I embrace diverse cultures and languages. I strongly believe in the power of effective communication and continuously challenge myself to learn and grow. Exploring different countries and immersing myself in various cultures provides me with invaluable life experiences, enabling me to connect with people, share stories, and foster a sense of understanding and unity. Through my unique journey and dedication, I hope to inspire others to chase their dreams relentlessly, no matter their background or circumstances.

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