Cabin Crew

What do I

need to know

What do I need to know?

Cabin Crew are employed to provide outstanding customer service whilst ensuring the comfort and safety of the passengers from the moment they board to the moment they step off the aircraft. They are trained to the highest standard to handle security and emergency situations as well as administer first aid.

Do I have what it takes?

Cabin Crew are the ultimate all-rounders, it is a multi-skilled job. Ideally, you would have:

  • A passion for delivering outstanding customer service
  • The desire to travel and learn about other cultures and nationalities
  • A calm, friendly and professional attitude
  • Pride in your appearance, airlines have high grooming standards
  • A keen eye for safety and security
  • Physical fitness with the ability to swim 25-50m fully clothed
  • Flexibility with shift patterns, potentially taking you away from home for days at a time
  • Excellent team work and communication skills

For most airlines it is also mandatory to have:

  • A valid passport with no restrictions
  • To live within 90 minutes of your base
  • The ability to prove you can read/speak the language of that airline
  • To be over 18/21 years old (airline dependent)
  • A medical check
  • An enhanced background check

Where to train:
Most airlines have training incorporated within their employment. You would attend the interview process and then be accepted to start a phase of training before starting flying. However it is also possible to get your attestation before you get a job. This is not essential, however it could improve your chances of employment as you would not need such a long training period with the airline itself.

Attestation: A safety training course which is recognised and approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, as well as EASA and the airlines themselves. All cabin crew working on UK and European registered aircraft must possess this qualification – source SkyPeople. Some colleges offer a Diploma in Air Cabin Crew which would be a great way to learn more about your chosen career if you’re unsure whether this would be the right path for you.