Cabin Crew

Interview Process

Do's and Dont's

Assessment Advice

What is the Application Process?
The whole process can take anywhere between 3 & 6 months. There are 2-day courses available to help candidates fully prepare for the application and selection process which offer a thorough insight to the multi-faceted role, as well as practice tests and interviews.

The process is often broken down into stages:

  • Stage 1: The initial application. This is often ensuring you meet the required educational standards, and filling in an application form similar to any other job application.
  • Stage 2: Online tests. Some airlines may require you to complete online verbal reasoning, situational judgment, and workplace behaviour tests.
  • Stage 3: Assessment Day (Specific to each airline)
    Naturally these depend on the airline but often include a group exercise, role play, psychometric tests, and an interview asking for examples of situations which will demonstrate your ability.

For more information on specific airline recruitment processes, see our handy guides in our training store.

Do’s and Don’ts!

  • DO dress the part. Cabin Crew are expected to often wear a uniform that is similar to suit-wear. Make sure you are neatly groomed, if possible look up their uniform standards on hair/make-up/male grooming and ensure you stick to those requirements. It will help that the interviewer subconsciously pictures you working for that airline.
  • DO arrive promptly and with all your correct documentation. It will be a basic part of your job to be early and carry required documents (e.g. your passport).
  • DO try your best to research the airline, the important people involved, and if possible it’s hallmarks/brand behaviors. These are statements that the company collectively works towards in it’s behavior. If you can sneak these into your interview answers it will really help!
  • DO smile, maintain eye contact, and maintain a positive demeanor no matter how long the day it. This will be a key part of your role as cabin crew. Also, try your best to chat with the other candidates; not only will it make the day more enjoyable but it will show you as sociable and engaging.
  • DON’T lie about your height, tattoos, or any other requirements that the airline asks for. This will be found out early on and you will have wasted your time.
  • Be confident but DON’T be arrogant. Come in with an open mind keen to learn about the industry and the role.
  • DON’T swear, slouch, moan, or appear negative. Remember that this is a customer-facing role in which you will be wearing a uniform and representing a brand. Also best not to ask about the travel perks (even though it’s a huge benefit of the job!) as it will seem you are in it for the wrong reason.