Cabin Crew

Interview and

Group Exercise

Group exercise

This is an assessment which you will undertake along with other candidates. Although the aim is to showcase yourself as the best applicant for the job, the best way to go about this is to work as a team with a common goal. The assessors are observing the way you interact with each other, your ability to communicate, plus your problem solving skills.
Very often there isn’t a “right answer” to the tasks you are given, instead, it is important that you cover the brief in the time allocated and come to a group conclusion.

The assessor may be observing:
• Your communication style; can you maintain professionalism and clear communication in a pressured environment?
• Your ability to prioritise according to the brief and your general problem-solving skills
• Are you able to work as a team? Encourage those who have been quiet to give their opinion, don’t speak over anyone, bonus points if you address your fellow candidates by their names.
• Can you work to a time limit? A good way to show you have a good situational awareness is to be monitoring the time with a watch. Maybe guide the group to come to a conclusion when you are nearing the end of the allocated time.
• Don’t be negative, dismissive, or judgemental. Try to use positive language and build on others’ great ideas.


This is often one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the process as the attention is fully on you. There may be other parts to this section alongside the standard interview such as a role playing exercise and a test of your PA ability.

Role Play and PA

Cabin Crew are often expected to read PA’s (public addresses) over the PA system so you may be expected to read aloud from a piece of paper. Remember to be steady and clear, project your voice, and if you make a mistake just take a breath and continue without getting flustered.

There may also be a role play exercise where you are given a brief on a piece of paper (e.g you are a hotel receptionist) and a customer (the interviewer) has a complaint or a request. You will have been provided with all the information you need on the brief including what you can and cannot offer as a solution; it is your job to simply stick to the brief whilst showcasing your excellent customer service!

The Interview

Along with the standard interview questions (strengths/weaknesses), there will be a lot of focus on you providing examples. Most questions will begin with “Give an example of a time where you…” as they want you to apply a specific example of something which fits their criteria. They don’t want you to tell you what you would do but what you have done.

Why not check out our Interview Prep Guide for examples of questions you may encounter.