cabin crew



Initial Training

Time to learn all the essential training for your role as cabin crew. This is an intensive 6-week course with classroom lessons, practical sessions, and exams.

The initial training programme often includes:

  • General theoretical knowledge of aviation and aviation regulations, including those relevant to cabin crew responsibilities and duties.
  • Introduction to Human Factors (HF) in aviation and Crew Resource Management (CRM)
  • Disruptive passenger handling, passenger restraint, and cabin surveillance.
  • Aero-medical knowledge and emergency first-aid.
  • Dangerous goods in accordance with the applicable ICAO Technical Instructions.
  • General safety and security in aviation, such as pre-flight safety drills, and the use of on-board emergency equipment.
  • Emergency procedures, such as evacuating an aircraft and ditching, loss of cabin pressure.
  • Fire and smoke training.
  • Survival training, including water-based drills, and how to use the emergency slides.

This course may seem overwhelming at first but the level of content is not too challenging. What makes it intensive is the sheer volume of important information you must know accurately. Being cabin crew is a team-based role, so this will help in your studying too! Work with your course mates, teach each other, find silly mnemonics and ways to remember things.

It’s not all hard work! You will make friends for life, and remember the experience forever. There will be great experiences such as whizzing down the emergency slides and splashing about in the pool during your survival training. Stock yourself up on post-it notes and coloured pens, and if possible get accommodation close to the training location so that you can spend more time studying/unwinding and less time commuting!

There will also be training in customer service, passenger announcements, food and drink service and onboard sales. You will also have a session on personal grooming, how to wear the uniform, and details on how to conduct yourself as a representative of the airline. The assessments will take place throughout the course, and first-time passes are expected. It is important that you work hard and pay attention to the information given to you by the instructors. However, it is such an interesting course that it wont often feel like work! The trainers are often extremely helpful; it is always better in aviation to ask for more help if you are unsure. Everyone wants the best for you!