Upgrade/ Unfreezing

A frozen atpl holder refers to somebody who has passed all the required theoretical exams but does not qualify them to be issued with a full ATPL until they have logged a total of 1500 hours and subject to certain conditions: an atpl will remain frozen until you have reached 1500 hours of flying time, which is made up of the following criteria:

  • 500 hrs multi-pilot in transport or commuter aircraft
  • 250 hrs pic (or 100 pilot in command and 150 pic under supervision)*
  • 200 hrs cross country flights (100 as pilot in command)
  • 75 hrs instrument time
  • 100 hrs night flight as pic or co-pilot
  • Everything you need to know about going for the skills test is here: caa website
Normal Set up
Normal Departure
Engine failure after take-off (EFATO)
Single Engine ILS
Single Engine Go Around – No AutoPilot to be used on the whole procedure until flaps are up and the aircraft is clean.
3 system based procedures eg Operating the Anti Ice, etc
3 Emergency items eg TCAS, Windshear etc
Raw Data ILS
PBN approach to be completed
NPA to be completed
Pilot Monitoring duties during a Rejected take-off (RTO)

All Courses come with:

Available for ICAO, UK CAA and EASA pilot licenses.

  • 1-hour briefing
  • Full motion simulator session (normally 2 hours is sufficient to complete the skills test per person)
  • Detailed debrief and paperwork to be signed
  • 2hrs is necessary if done individually, or 4hrs if shared with another pilot.
  • Please note ** is for aircraft requiring a minimum 4 hour booking which 2 pilots can share the cost of.
  • The TRE will help you complete the paperwork and send it off to the relevant authority.


  • Airbus A320
  • Airbus A330
  • Boeing 737 NG
  • Boeing 777**
  • Boeing 787**
  • Embraer 135/145**
  • Embraer 170/190**


Airbus A320

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Airbus A330

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Boeing 737

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Boeing 777**

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Boeing 787**

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Embraer 135/145**

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Embraer 170/190**

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