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TRI/SFI Introduction

The TRI/SFI course is the next step for those flight crew members wishing to Instruct on a Type Rating Course.  Candidates must be appropriately qualified to join the course.

Our Partners can support the airline with the following instructor training courses:

Type Rating Instructor training

  • Part 1 – TRI teaching and learning course
  • Part 2 – technical training
  • Part 3 – flight instruction
  • TRI sim to TRI zero flight time (ZFT)/ LIFUS upgrade course

The first step to becoming a Type Rating Instructor or Synthetic Flight Instructor (TRI/SFI) is to complete the rewarding teaching and learning element of the course. This 25-hour classroom-based course enables the trainee to understand learning and teaching techniques. The competence of the instructor candidate is developed through theoretical and practical training. Practical elements include the development of specific instructor skills, particularly in the area of teaching and assessing threat and error management and crew resource management (CRM). Special attention will be given to the candidate instructor’s approach and judgment, including their understanding of behavioral attitudes and variable levels of learning ability. During the training course, the candidate instructor will become aware of their attitude towards the importance of flight safety.

The course, delivered over 3.5 days (25 hours) at the London Training Center, will cover the core competencies required to become a successful instructor including:

  • Training philosophies
  • Evaluation of trainee performance
  • Learning processes
  • Methods of teaching/training
  • Creating an environment for progressive learning
  • Practical briefing, debriefing, and assessment techniques

The technical theoretical-knowledge instruction comprises of 10 hours of training to build on and refresh the Part 1, teaching and learning subjects, and aircraft technical knowledge. It covers the preparation of lesson plans and the development of briefing-room instructional skills. The type rating theoretical syllabus is employed to develop the TRI(A)’s teaching skills in relation to the type technical course syllabus. The course instructor (tutor) delivers example lectures from the applicable type technical syllabus. The candidate instructor should prepare and deliver lectures on topics selected by the tutor from the type rating course. A proportion of the allotted 10 hours is integrated into the practical flight instruction lessons of Part 3, using expanded pre-flight and post-flight briefing sessions. Consequently, for practical purposes, Part 2 and Part 3 are considered complementary to each other.

The course is specific to the type of aircraft the applicant wishes to instruct. It consists of at least 10 hours of instruction per candidate. TEM, CRM, and the appropriate use of behavioral markers is integrated throughout all training exercises. This course enables the candidate instructor to gain experience of training a variety of exercises, covering both normal and abnormal operations. The syllabus is tailored to the aircraft type, and the exercises used are more demanding for each candidate. The course trains the entire range of instructor skills to enable the candidate instructor to plan sessions, brief, train, and de-brief using all relevant techniques. The course concludes with an assessment of competence (AoC).


  • 1 x 4-hour fixed-base detail
  • 5 x 4-hour full-flight details
  • Flight instruction and assessment of competence

For those candidates who are already a TRI but on a different type, this course can be shortened to the following :

  • 1 day of ground school
  • 12 hours full flight simulator
  • 4 hours full flight simulator (Final Test with TRI(E)) 2 hours per candidate

All candidates will have access to the training website, which contains all the manuals and documentation for the course, together with online powerpoint presentations, and training aids. Access can be made available prior to joining a course, for those candidates wishing to become more familiar with the course content.

Who we work with:

  • Quadrant Pilot
  • L3 Harris
  • IAGO Flight Training
  • Jet Flight Training

Type-specific instructor courses are offered on the A320, A330 and B737. This course is designed to provide the correct theoretical and technical background for instruction on the relevant aircraft type, and is compliant with CAA Standards Document 43. Applicants must meet the requirements specified in EASA Part J.

You get a choice on who you would like your training to be conducted with. We will never outsource any work to a company we feel doesn’t provide quality training. Please feel free to contact us at any point to discuss any questions you may have.

Type Rating Examiner (TRE) Standards Course
We work with IAGO Flight training, UK ATO, which is authorized by the UK CAA to conduct the TRE Standards Course on the Authority’s behalf. This generic course is compliant with CAA Standards Document 41. Following successful completion, the candidate will be required to complete a number of supervised simulator details with a current TRE . The candidate will then be required to conduct an LPC/LST witnessed by the relevant Aviation Authority Training Standards Inspector.

Examiner Refresher Seminars
To extend the 3 year validity of an examiner certificate under EASA, a Refresher Seminar must be attended during the last 12 months of the validity period. It is also mandatory to attend a seminar to renew an expired certificate.

SFI Course - a320 & 737

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TRI A320 & 737 - Teaching and Learning Parts 1,2,3

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TRI A320 & 737 - Teaching and Learning Parts 1

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TRE Standards Course

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