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Information and steps required to obtain funding for pilot training:

Aviation Insider was one of the first aviation approved suppliers to the department of work and pensions and job center helping hundreds of pilots over the last 2 years with their application.

The funding is a discretionary award, each case is looked at individually. The Jobcentre only uses a registered supplier to the Department for Work and Pensions. There is no guarantee that the training/course requested will be available through DWP even if the application is initially accepted by your Work Coach.

You can get free training if you are unemployed and:

  • Claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • In an Employment and Support Allowance work-related activity group
  • Required to do training as part of your Universal Credit claim

But, make sure you DO NOT book a place or enroll on a course. The DWP will contact you to make these arrangements for you when the training/course has been purchased by them. If you make any prior arrangements with a supplier (like Aviation Insider), your entitlement to funding from DWP will be IMMEDIATELY withdrawn and you will be liable for any costs the supplier will demand. We won’t book you onto a course until funding is received so you can have peace of mind we won’t ever chase you for payment.

You must inform your Work Coach IMMEDIATELY if the training/course is no longer required or your claim to benefit closes.

Steps to follow


Book an online appointment

Ring National Careers Service on 0800 100 900 to book an online appointment for a ‘Skills Transfer Analysis’ You will be sent a report of which your Employer Adviser will need a copy of.

Click here to find more details on how to contact the job centre.


Redundancy letter

A copy of your redundancy letter.


Training required

Which particular aircraft is training required and quotes for these? Aviation Insider can provide you with a quote, please fill in the form below in detail.



The work coach will send you a claimant checklist. Complete the claimant checklist and return to your Employer Adviser.



Send copies of vacancies you have applied for plus any you have seen that you may apply for.

Aviation Insider is a registered supplier to the job centre so they will be able to find us on the system if they need to contact us for any reason.

Points to mention to the work/ Job Coach:

  1. Being an airline pilot is a skill that fades over time and remaining out of check makes it likely more training will be needed to bring you up to proficiency.
  2. Most airlines require a pilot’s license to be valid and current. In order to apply or get a job, it is your responsibility to keep your license current.
  3. Pilot training is specialist and not widely available – Mention Aviation Insider is able to offer all areas for pilot training from ME IR revalidations to TRI Courses.

Our Services you can make a claim for:

  • License revalidation – Why? It is much more cost-effective revalidating a pilot’s license than renewing it. All it takes is 2 hours in the simulator with one of our TRE’s. Our advice is you don’t let your license lapse.
  • License renewal – Why? Renew your license so you are more employable to an airline, its more work for an airline to train a pilot up to standard when they are already valid and in check.
  • Refresher Training – Why? Being an airline pilot is a skill that fades over time, failing a check is never good so refresher training before a revalidation or renewal is always advisable. We have partners that make it cost-effective by using fixed base devices.
  • Type ratings – Why? Its not normally advisable to buy a type rating on an aircraft before securing a job however if the job centre is able to provide this then this opens up your opportunities to further employment.
  • CCQ – Why? Do you fly an aircraft that is not widely used industry-wide but is part of an aircraft manufacturer’s family, then all you need is a CCQ course to put it on your license.
  • Instructor courses – Why? With the industry making tens of thousands of redundancies being a trainer or examiner will be in high demand when the industry picks up again.
  • Interview Preparation – Why? Would you just turn up to an interview unprepared? We certainly hope not. In partnership with airline prep who are also approved suppliers, we are industry leaders in preparing pilots for airlines. Our instructors have decades of experience and who understand how the recruitment process at airline work.

Aviation Insider can provide you with:

  • Evidence that you will be undertaking a specialist pilot training course with Aviation Insider
  • Support for your work/job coach to fully understand what services are needed to support you.

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