What unemployment benefits can you claim as a pilot? The UK benefits system is there to help until you find your way into a career and can begin to earn a wage.  In fact, it’s very important that you do claim the benefits you are entitled to.

Despite the Government’s recent attempts to simplify things, the system can be rather complex and it’s not always easy to understand just what you can claim for.

The first thing to do is to ‘sign on’ at your local Job Centre.  This is your declaration that you are currently unemployed and seeking work.

New Style Jobseekers Allowance and New Style Employment and Support Allowance.

You can begin your claim for JSA by completing a simple online form.  Your nearest Job Centre will then text you with details of a meeting (virtual) that you must attend in order to begin receiving payments.  At this meeting you will need to produce two forms of proof of identity; a passport and driving licence or utility bill are usually sufficient.

You will then have to attend fortnightly meetings with a Jobcentre advisor and will have to show them evidence that you are trying to find a job.  Usually, this means telling the advisor about any interviews you have attended or applications you have submitted.

For more information and to claim New Style JSA go online


For more information and to claim New Style ESA go online to download a form NSESAF1

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a benefit payment for people in or out of work and is normally paid to you as a single monthly payment, but it’s made up of several different elements.

It replaces some of the benefits and tax credits you might have heard of:-

  • Housing Benefit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Income Support
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance

The Initial process to claim Universal Credit is online at gov.uk/universalcredit

Dual Claims

You can get New Style JSA or ESA on its own or at the same time as Universal Credit (known as a dual claim).

If you get both, your Universal Credit will be reduced pound-for-pound by the amount they get for New Style JSA or ESA.

Some of the benefits of making a dual claim include:

1.  You will receive Class 1 NI credit on dual claim (Class 83 on UC only)

2.  You may be entitled to financial support for dependants.

3.  You may be entitled to help with housing costs through Universal Credit.

Rapid Response Training

The decision to fund training, in every case, is based on whether it will improve your prospects of finding work. Some of our previous clients have secured funding for simulator and checks.  Please remember that Training must remove a barrier to employment.

How to access Rapid Response funding:

  • Up to 13 weeks after being made redundant (you do not have to do the training within the 13 weeks).
  • Undertake an individual Skills Transfer Analysis with the National Careers Service.