Command Preparation

Future Captains

Available for the A320 and Boeing 737.

These courses have been designed to help future Captains with the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to pass a Command course. Joining forces with A320 lounge / 737 lounge, our command skills development programmes are specifically designed to ensure a smooth transition to the left-hand seat.


Command Classroom Course

Run by our Instructors, the command preparation revision course will prepare you to meet the standard required to pass your course. It will be intensive and will cover everything from core technical to performance allowing you to benchmark your study and build confidence. Some of the areas we will cover:

  • Core Technical
  • Performance
  • Failure Management
  • Commander Authority and Responsibilities
  • Competences
  • Profiles
  • Regulation Overview
  • Fuel Policy
  • Leadership / Decision Making / Risk Management
  • Ops Procedures

Price: £250

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3 Day Online Course

Hosted by A320 Lounge using high-end broadcast equipment and studios to ensure that all aspects of the product is of the highest quality as well as leveraging new innovation. Join, Matt, John and Mark as they run you through everything you need to know when preparing for your command. Between them, they looked at a way of bringing enjoyable, accessible, engaging and quality content away from the classroom and onto the internet.

The course covers, Core Technical, Performance, Failure Management, Commander Authority and Responsibilities, Regulation Overview, Fuel Policy, Leadership / Decision Making / Risk Management.

Price: £250

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Command Simulator Training

Our sessions will give you the tools needed to pass that all-important command assessment sim. We will provide you with a tailored brief before your detail allowing you to relax and perform during the scenarios.

In the simulator we will explore your leadership and workload ability, enabling you to grow and reflect in a comfortable environment. You will experience various scenarios that are designed to encourage certain competencies and behaviors. We give very honest and practical feedback so that you can clearly identify which areas need focus. Together we will build a plan of action to give you the confidence you need to pass.

We recommend finding a sim partner who is at a similar stage in their career. This not only helps with keeping the cost down but also enables you to support one another while you learn and develop. All sims are run on full-motion devices.

Price From: £475

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Failure Management

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