Airbus a320 Command technical Refresher Course (One to one)


Airbus a320 – Command Technical Refresher Couse

The purpose of this intensive revision course is to consolidate your learning, correct any misunderstandings, prepare you for the exams and to get your technical knowledge up to a high standard. You will get access to the app with full presentation you will go through on the day via live webinar with the instructor.  Due to COVID 19, The refresher course provides face to face instruction from the comfort of your own home. There will be the ability for you to ask questions as the day goes along.

SKYPE or ZOOM account required.

Course location:

Online only

What you get access to:

You will gain access to our technical presentation for 1 month, alongside setting up a video call with one of our instructors for 1 hour. if you would like to book more than 1 hour simply add this course to your basket more than once.


Airbus a320 Technical Refresher Course – one to one tuition with ground school instructor/ Captain or TRE.