Abnormal & Emergency Course Bundle


When you sign up to an Annual Subscription you get access to all the courses included in the Annual Bundle. As courses are added, you’ll get access to those too.


“Shot in 4K, our aim was to make the quality of our courses higher than anything else on the market and we believe we have achieved this.

Using multi-angle shots, professional film crews, sound engineers and editors, meant we could really take a leap in the aviation training world. Long gone are the days of only filming from the jumpseat (so you can’t read the E/WD), grainy videos and poor quality sound.”

Failures currently included in the Abnormal and Emergency Course Bundle are:

  • Ace your LPC/OPC (EFATO, SE ILS, SE NPA, SE Go Around)
  • Loss of Braking
  • Rejected Take off
  • Smoke/Fumes
  • Single and Dual FMGC failures
  • Single and double FCU faults
  • Green Hydraulics fault
  • Yellow Hydraulics fault
  • Blue Hydraulics Fault
  • Stab Trim Jam
  • Flaps Jammed
  • Engine Failure in the cruise (Standard strategy and obstacle strategy
  • DC BUS1 fault
  • DC BUS 2 Fault
  • RA 1 Fault
  • RA 1+2 Fault
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