EASA Part 66 – Module 7: Maintenance Practices – Question Bank

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This module focuses on typical aircraft maintenance activities that are performed such as the assembly, inspection and testing of components as well as the associated tools, safety precautions and engineering standards.

7.1 Safety Precautions – Aircraft and Workshop
7.2 Workshop Practices
7.3 Tools
7.4 Avionic General Test Equipment
7.5 Engineering Drawings, Diagrams and Standards
7.6 Fits and Clearances
7.7 Electrical Cables and Connectors
7.8 Riveting
7.9 Pipes and Hoses
7.10 Springs
7.11 Bearings
7.12 Transmissions
7.13 Control Cables
7.14 Material Handling
7.15 Welding, Brazing, Soldering and Bonding
7.16 Aircraft Weight and Balance
7.17 Aircraft Handling and Storage
7.18 Disassembly, Inspection, Repair and Assembly Techniques
7.19 Abnormal Events
7.20 Maintenance Procedures

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EASA Part 66 – Module 7: Maintenance Practices – Question Bank

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