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Are you are an aspiring airline pilot, current airline pilot or military pilot with an airline pilot assessment coming up?

Aviation Insider has a long-standing partnership with Airline Prep. Airline Prep is made up of friendly and professional HR airline recruitment pilots who are ready to support you! They offer unparalleled pilot interview and assessment training, ensuring that you give the very best version of yourself during your selection. Their instructors are current airline Training Captains, Captains, First Officers and HR specialists who trained via the airline sponsored, integrated, modular and military pathways. Airline Prep is the only preparation company whose services are used by BALPA who deliver to pilots who have been made redundant and unemployed. When selecting an airline interview preparation company be sure to carry out thorough research a there are a few companies out there that claim to be interview prep specialists with no recruitment experience.

Our Courses

One to One Interview Training 

As detailed in the Bespoke 1:1 Training, you will have the undivided attention of one of our Airline Assessment Specialists. You will be given the opportunity to practice a competency, technical or strategy based interview and receive the training to ensure you are successful! Your interview can be tailored specifically to your target airline or training provider and of course, detailed feedback will be provided.

How to pass an Interview Course

The Airline Prep Interview training courses are held at the Beehive London Gatwick. Your course will run from approximately 0900 until 1630. You will have many opportunities to ask questions throughout and we believe this course provides an excellent opportunity to practice for your forthcoming Pilot interview and assessment. We can help you prepare for all major airlines and flight school training providers. With years of experience, we have gathered detailed feedback from our previous clients for the whole interview process and simulator stage. The Course Covers the following:

After an introduction, your course, delivered by our highly experienced airline pilot recruiters will include:

    • Technical and strategy interviews (as required)
    • Group exercises
    • Numerical, verbal & ATPL/technical reasoning
    • Maths refresher training
    • Interview training seminar
    • Group Exercise training seminar
    • Career development and First Officer skills seminar

CVs and Cover letters 

At Aviation Insider we know that a great CV, covering letter, and application form can be the difference between being asked to attend an assessment or not. Your CV, cover letter, and application form are your only opportunities to make a great first impression to your prospective employer about the valuable skills you can bring to their airline. Our recruitment Pilots & assessors have recruited for many airlines and know the required content and format that will help your attributes leap off the page and help you stand above the competition. Your CV and cover letter will be tailored for you and your target airline based on their core Pilot competencies and company ethos. The benefits of bespoke written CV’s and covering letters are numerous and include:

  • CV and covering letter tailored to your target airline requirements
  • CV and covering letter written by an airline recruitment expert
  • CV and covering letter will highlight your core competencies and strengths
  • Professional error-free format
  • Improved chances of being selected for interview and assessment
  • Free revision service to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your product

Our team can also proofread your application form and offer a consultation service to ensure that the answers you provide demonstrate the skill sets that your prospective employer expects. This service will give you honest, accurate, and relevant advice you require when completing your applications. We believe no other training provider has the skills and expertise to be able to offer the impartial advice that we do.

Psychometric Assessments

AirlinePrep are proud to be working with Symbiotics to offer clients the very best psychometric testing available. We are uniquely placed and fully trained by Symbiotics to deliver feedback on the outcomes of these tests – the results of which are complex, thorough and in-depth. After you have completed your psychometric evaluation, you’ll receive:

Full and thorough feedback from a Symbiotics ADAPT certified test user
A written report sent to you after you have received your feedback

For more info on psychometric assessments click here



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Simulator Assessment

Our history speaks for itself. We have helped hundreds of clients over the last few years gain jobs with the world’s biggest airlines. We are experts in Airline Simulator Preparation, we don’t just give you hints and tips on what to expect for your simulator assessment; Our team of TRI’s and TRE’s will help you develop your skills. For more information on simulator preparation, click here.

View our Interview and Simulator Assessment Preparation Guides

Click on the airline to view our Interview and Simulator Assessment Preparation Guides with hints, tips, and previous client feedback. All Guides have a section on how to answer interview questions with techniques to add to your tool kit to answer any interview question

Our other services

How else can you help me prepare my application/for my assessment?

Aviation Insider offers a wide range of airline assessment preparation tools that can be tailored to match your specific needs and goals.  Our online interview courses and practice interviews are available for both generic and airline-specific preparation, putting you through your paces with industry professionals before the real thing.  All simulator instructors are current, operating line pilots with different carriers so they know what will be required of you in your assessment.

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