Sky High Journal Travel logbook


Introducing the Sky High Journal Bundle – the perfect companion for young aviation enthusiasts!

The Sky High Journal is designed to capture the excitement and memories of each flight, making it a delightful keepsake for children to treasure. With dedicated sections for pilots to write flight details and leave personal messages, as well as ample space for your own memories, it becomes a lasting record of your aviation adventures.


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Crafted to the highest standards, this logbook features high-quality writing paper and a durable hardcover, ensuring it can withstand countless journeys and last a lifetime. The vibrant colours and quality craftsmanship make it visually engaging and captivating for young aviators.

In addition to providing a space for your personal details, the logbook includes an area reserved for stickers, allowing children to decorate and customise their journal, making it uniquely theirs.

Imagine the thrill your child will experience when they hand over their logbook to the crew while boarding a flight. The pilots will gladly fill out the flight details and return it, making each flight even more memorable. And who knows, they might even get the opportunity to speak directly with the pilots, creating unforgettable experiences and inspiring moments.

The Sky High Journal also includes a world map and checklists of all the countries in the world and all the states in the USA. This allows children to track their travel progress and learn about different parts of the world. Furthermore, there’s a checklist of various aircraft types, allowing them to expand their knowledge and experience the excitement of checking off new aircraft types.

Start your child’s aviation journey today with the Sky High Journal – a delightful and unique way to capture every flight experience and create lifelong memories.

Get ready for takeoff!

How to Use:

  1. Fill out personal details section, just in case you misplace your lovely new logbook!
  2. When boarding, hand the logbook to the crew and kindly request that the pilots fill in the flight details.
  3. Personalise your logbook by adding stickers, photos, or other memorabilia from your travels.
  4. Cherish the memories created during each flight for a lifetime.


  • Passport-sized for convenience.
  • Durable hardcover for long-lasting protection.
  • High-quality writing paper throughout, ensuring a smooth writing experience.
  • Vibrant colours that engage young aviators.
  • Includes a World Map for reference and exploration.
  • Checklists for tracking countries visited, US states visited, as well as aircraft types flown on.
  • Dedicated sticker areas to add a personal touch, or celebrate travel milestones.
  • Dedicated space to record total distance and hours flown.

Options Include:

  • 1 x Sky High Journal
  • 1 x Sticker Sheet Set (Includes 18 Stickers)
  • 1 x Sky High Bookmark
  • Or bundle option
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