Pilot Silver Starter Pack


Silver Pack Contents

  • Compass Black Flight Bag with Headset compartment
  • Compass CM1 Passive Noise Cancelling Headset with free carry bag.
  • PPL Personal Flying Logbook
  • UK VFR 1:500,000 Chart (please specify which region)
  • Full set of AFE PPL Theory Books
  • Aluminium E6B Flight Computer
  • AFE VB1 Opening Kneeboard
  • AFE C152/PA28 Aircraft bound checklist (other aircraft types please contact us)
  • Rotating Navigation Plotter
  • DP1 Windstar Diversion Ruler & Windstar App
  • A5 Pack of VFR plates for your local training airfields
  • High Viz Jacket
  • Staedtler Marker Pens
  • LED Mini Torch
  • Stopwatch & Stopwatch clip to attach to your kneeboard

RRP of this pack individually is £415, so you save £90!


Why pay a fortune for your flight supplies? Our PPL/LAPL starter kits have been designed by a team of flight instructors for three reasons:

1. Provide all the equipment you need for your PPL, at the lowest possible price (flight training costs enough as it is!)

2. Remove the hassle of searching through hundreds of product pages to buy your flight supplies (use the time saved to hit the books!)

3. Ensure you arrive to your lessons well prepared and with the right equipment (time on the ground is free, time in the air isn’t!)

We have created three kits, depending on your budget and needs. This silver kit contains everything you need for pilot training, and even includes a headset

In the additional information section of the checkout area please state which of the following you require (1-4):

1. VFR Chart

  • Southern England and Wales
  • Northern England and NI
  • Scotland

2. Aircraft Type

  • Cessna 150/152
  • Piper PA 28

3. Where is your base airfield?

Our supplier will dispatch your pack within 5 working days of payment.