Ontrack GS ATPL(A) distance learning course

Ontrack GS ATPL(A) distance learning course


A UK CAA-approved ATPL distance learning course, provided by Ontrack Groundschool, designed to provide high-quality training and learning with flexibility and cost-effectiveness in mind.

This course is suitable for students who wish to undertake UK CAA examinations, whether they have a UK PPL or wish to undertake a conversion from an ICAO PPL. The course is performed in four modules, with 4 exams in module 1 and 3 exams in modules 2, 3, and 4, each module contains KSA elements and can be studied from the comfort of your own home.Ā 

Each course includes:

  • PadPilot course textbooks
  • Electronic copies of CAP 696, 697, 698 and 758, as required.
  • Up to 20 training days
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