Airline Interview Study Guide and Question Pack

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This is your opportunity to practice with almost exact types of airline interview questions. Our airline-specific interview preparation questions are built using genuine interview profiles from Leadership to competency-based questions, this product will aid your preparation.

Additionally, you can try our one-on-one interviews with an airline professional! Experience an interview and see how you cope under pressure and test your ability to think on the spot. Not only with our instructors test you but they will give you valuable feedback and exercises to work on.

We also offer airline simulator preparation for any airline assessment you have coming up. Our trainers and examiners will get you prepared for your simulator assessment and don’t just teach you how to pass the simulator assessment from client feedback but give you valuable tools to pass anything that might be thrown your way. for more info click here


Airline Interview Study Guide and Question Pack. This product is an online product only. You’ll have access to it immediately in your account.

Product Disclaimer: All information in this document has been compiled by previous client experiences and industry experts, Aviation Insider cannot guarantee that what is stated in this document will come up in your assessment. This document will give you an idea of what is likely to come and what may be asked. Aviation Insider assumes no responsibility for your exam/ test or interview result and this material should be used as an aid to your learning and preparation.