737 Technical Refresher & Command Upgrade Seminar

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Introducing the 737 Technical Refresher and Command Upgrade Seminar

Embark on a comprehensive journey to elevate your skills as a 737 pilot with our two-day seminar designed to refine technical expertise and enhance command capabilities. Whether you’re a cadet, training captain, or simulator instructor, this seminar is tailored to empower you with advanced knowledge and strategies for handling a wide array of scenarios in the 737 aircraft.

Course location: Online only


737 Technical Refresher and Command Upgrade Seminar

Day 1

  1. Commander roles and responsibility
  2. operational flight management and strategies
  3. 737 Tech overview
  4. Command decision making
  5. Prioritisation, task and time management
  6. Command mindset, CRM and team management

Day 2

Simulator Training strategy: The focus will be for 737 pilots from cadets in training all the way to training captains and simulator instructors and with will include non-normal simulator scenarios, strategies, preparation and a review of the main topics and technical failures based on the 737.

  1. Overall mindset and planning for sim sessions and checks
  2. Flight path management exercises
  3. Management of Loss of both eng driven generators, Loss of HYD SYS A,B and Manual Reversion, Engine failure recognition, Flap malfunctions and detailed review of different failures/management, Rapid depressurisation, Fire, Smoke, fumes, Dual FMC Failure,
  4. Profiles including detailed RNP/RNAV/RNP-AR approach understanding

Please let me know if there is anything you would like to discuss and this will also be added to the course. The idea behind this course is not only to pass the command course with your company, but to give you something that will last your whole career, which will always be a lifelong journey of learning and self-development.

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