Are you a consciously confident and competent pilot?

Not sure? Read on…

Did you know that Resilient Pilot is approaching its fourth anniversary? Time has literally flown by and we are proud to have supported over 6,000 members since being formed during the pandemic. We are still a volunteer-run, non-profit organisation with a team of over 50 professionals passionate about facilitating the continuous development of our aviators.

Since the beginning of our journey we have been refining and evolving our offering. We are really proud to provide a rich suite of virtual activities that we know are of huge value to your continuous development. The success of our programme means we have attracted funding from The UK Government which means we are able to offer the CRD at a heavily subsidised rate of £30 per month.

We are excited to be to be able to invite an additional 100 members from our community to join our flagship fully inclusive RESILIENT membership.

Are you ready to join us?

Why Invest in Continuous Resilience Development?

Our holistic not jeopardy blended approach that includes mentoring, coaching and scenario-based learning will turn you from and ‘ok aviator’ to a ‘wow aviator’

Who will benefit?

Any pilot, anywhere in the world at any stage of their journey are very welcome to join us. We have naturally evolved to offer a development space for:

1.Pilots at the start of careers – getting to grips with CBTA through non jeopardy virtual Competency Development Scenario’s (CDS’s).

2.Pilots approaching Command (12 month) – getting to grips with applying specific command emphasis competencies and behaviours using our virtual real time Scenario Based Training (SBT) product.

What is Included?

Our Competency Development Scenarios CDS’s live simulation

Below is our Founder and CBTi Stu facilitating one of our flagship virtual activities: Competency Development Scenario’s CDS SBT.

Stu is delivering in real time live alternative blended learning environment ABLE simulation with two of our members immersed in the airline scenario. This non jeopardy space is so valuable to figure out behaviours you display positively and those for development within the airline operational environment. We even role play the Cabin Crew, Engineers and any of the teams involved!!!!

How can Continuous Resilience Development positively influence your aviation career?

Continuous Resilience Development will increase your confidence and awareness of the pilot competencies, positioning you at the forefront when going through airline selection or command upgrade. You’ll take part in virtual activities with aviation professionals each month developing individualised behaviours identified through industry leading self assessment, rather than waiting for a one off workshop that only touches the surface of the behaviours required.

 Thank you for being an integral part of the Resilient Pilot community. We look forward to you embarking on this journey of Resilience Training and Development together.