Aviation English


Aviation English

Interactive Aviation English Modules
Our revolutionary courseware provides a total emersion experience by using video modules to hone and build a key set of listening skills required in aviation transportation.

E-Learning Platform for Aviation English
Our courseware offers a step-by-step solution to preparing trainees for their region’s pre-commercial pilot English exam. Perfect for ab-inito pilots and air traffic control officers who are looking to maintain an ICAO Level 4 proficiency and above in aviation English.

Picture Description and Grammar Structure
We continuously strive to exceed in providing the highest in quality standards put forth by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in developing each lesson. We take great pride in playing a key role in developing aviators of tomorrow!

Interactive Audio Lessons for Aviation English
Assess for quality assurance with our industry-leading e-learning modules. Gauge your fleet’s progress along the way. We offer an in-depth approach to aviation phraseology and grammar structure in plane language usage. Our “total immersion” approach has enabled us to provide our clients with a variety of tools. In our audio lessons, the trainee has the ability to listen to a simulated instructor then interact appropriately.

Check for Understanding
The use of plain language (English) may be critical in the event of an in-flight emergency. It is paramount to have a keen grasp of grammar in plain language (English) in order to relay the pertinent information required for a safe transition.

At ICAO Standard English we strive to improve and develop courses that the trainee will use in the aviation community. Let’s get results!

ICAO Standard English®️ | Airline Pilot Test Preparation

The Premier Industry-Leading Aviation English Courseware Our e-course is ideal for flight students as well as air traffic control cadet officers who are looking to gain an ICAO Level 3, 4, and 5 English proficiency.

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ICAO Standard English®️ | Premium Package

The Premier Industry-Leading Aviation English Courseware Our Premium Package is made of 24 Chapter Modules: 171 lessons. Unlimited Cloud Access*per company purchase. Access our cloud Learning Management System with a unique license-key download.

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