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Perfect for Airlines/ Flight schools looking to outsource or Individuals looking for individual hire.

We have 4 different levels of instructors:


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Panel operators


A typical program consists of interactive ground-school modules and a series of simulator exercises, which promote the practical application of skills learned in the classroom. However, our philosophy is always to deliver a tailored program to suit our client’s operational and cultural requirements, and we are keen to work closely with your training department to develop a syllabus that matches your needs specifically.

Covering leadership and communication to managing the complexities and essential aspects of aviation law, and encompassing one-to-one feedback, our command skills programs will ensure that your future captains are well prepared for the additional responsibilities that come with the move to the left-hand seat.

Prices increase in increments from Panel Operator to TRE’s. POA

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An extensive range of simulator devices

A variety of choices, At Aviation Insider we believe that all simulator training should be completed in as realistic an environment as possible – that’s why we always use full-motion simulators. Our instructors believe that it is impossible to truly prepare for your assessment, exam or check ride without immersing yourself in the environment. The aircraft available are:

Airbus A320*, A330, A380 – Fixed Base* and Full Motion – Level D
Boeing 737 Classic, 737 NG*, 747, 757, 767, 787 – Fixed Base* and Full Motion – Level D
Embraer 135/145 AND 170/190 – Full Motion – Level D

Flexible booking options

We understand that simulator time is expensive, we try to keep our prices as low as possible.

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