Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

UPRT – Upset Prevention and Recovery Training UK

  • As of 19th December 2019, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) will require all Approved Training Organisations to incorporate Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) into their pilot aircraft initial type rating courses.
  • Aviation Insider along with its TRI’s and TRE’s are able to offer UPRT initial and refresher simulator sessions in our full-motion flight simulators.

Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I)

  • Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) is the number one cause of fatalities in commercial aviation worldwide. There is a broad range of factors that can cause an airplane to become upset, and that could lead to a loss of control incident or accident, thats why UPRT is such a key part of pilot training.
  • Training flight crews how to prevent an airplane upset, or recover if necessary, provides the greatest opportunity to reduce the LOC-I accident rate.
  • Loss of Control – Inflight (LOCI) has been the major contributor to fatalities in aviation for a considerable amount of time. Well known events such as AA 583 in New York, AF 447 over the Atlantic and Colgan Air flight 3407 have been highly publicized.

Learning from the past

  • Knowledge-based training to equip flight crews with the knowledge and awareness needed to understand the threats to safe flight and the mitigating strategies.
  • Flight Simulator Training Device (FSTD) training on specific or representative aircraft types to build on knowledge and experience, and apply these to the multi-crew CRM environment, at all stages of flight.  

New and Existing pilots

  • It is widely acknowledged that Flight Simulators (FSTDs) are a highly capable form of training aids. All pilots studying for new ATPLs and pilots undergoing their first type rating course in multi-pilot operations will be required to undergo the new advanced UPRT course FCL.745.A.  

Our UPRT Course

  • We can simulate previous events in the full-motion simulator, see how you handle them.
  • Our courses are run in 4-hour slots and can be done individually or with a partner.
  • All sessions are run with a TRI or TRE on a specific aircraft type of your choice.
  • Enquire now for prices.