License Revalidation or Renewal

LPC's in the UAE

License Revalidation

Note: If your license has expired in the last 3 years you require a renewal. We offer LPC’s for the following authorities: UK CAA, EASA and ICAO

A Revalidation consists of:
1 hour briefing
Full Flight Simulator (FFS) session (normally 2 hours is sufficient to complete the skills test)
Detailed debrief
Some simulators may require a minimum 4 hour booking
The TRE will help complete the required paperwork and send to the relevant authority
Note: If a minimum 4 hour booking is required then it is cost beneficial to share with another pilot

If your type rating has expired, you are required to receive renewal training as determined by the ATO and NAA

License Renewal

Note: If your Type Rating is current then you just need a Revalidation

Rules regarding Renewal:

  • Expiry less than 3 months: No supplementary requirements
  • Expiry more than 3 months but less than 1 year: a minimum of 2 training sessions
  • Expiry more than 1 year but less than 3 years: a minimum of 3 training sessions
  • Expiry more than 3 years: Requires a specific training package determined by the ATO and NAA
  • All scenarios will require a skills test

LPC can be completed on the following aircraft:

  • Airbus: a320 & a330
  • Boeing: 737, 777 & 787

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