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To help our pilots manage their careers, we have teamed up with, a revolutionary new company that is tackling the hassle of pilot recruitment head-on.

Pilotbaseā€™s mission is simple: To make the recruitment of pilots a pain-free process for all involved. Their job platform, which launches later this year, will match pilots to jobs they are qualified for using the latest technology, intuitive design, and streamlined processes. Additional resources, such as helpful templates, comprehensive databases, and industry news updates, are designed to help users navigate the new world of aviation and – most importantly – land their perfect flying job.

The hiring of pilots around the globe is a clunky and time-consuming process for both pilots and employers, and it hasn’t really changed in decades. The inefficiencies caused by out-of-date systems and lack of standardisation mean lost time, wasted money, and missed opportunities for all involved. Pilotbase is tackling these problems head-on by building a platform where you can become the pilot you’ve always wanted to be, with none of the hassle.

To be among the first to access this exciting new system, Click here to register. The details you enter will automatically be used to create your profile when the full site is up and running.


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