READ ECAM, The free A320 ECAM Handling app every a320 pilot should know about.

Our friends at developed software for a320 pilots to practice all their failure management and technical knowledge. The software is so good you would think you would have to pay for a subscription to access it. But no, the app is completely free to use.

There is one other competitor to read ECAM or iPad ECAM as they are also called and there are many in the aviation world that will be well aware of who that company is. That company does charge a subscription to access their app.

The website is well presented and the app has fantastic explanations on each part of the a320, a330, and Boeing 737, however, in our view the perfect solution to aid your studying or type rating is read ECAM.

Read ECAM does almost everything its competitor does, you can visualize and interact with immersive scenarios. Find content quickly and easily through an intuitive multi-functional menu system and practice over 200 interactive abnormal and emergency scenarios.

What most users tend to oversea is “Page 2” Probably one of the best parts of the software. It comes filled with a need to know facts and how-to guides. Differentiate between a319, a320, and a321 aircraft, NEO, and CEO. Learn how to deal with EFATOs in a fantastic presentation.

We highly recommend this software and would urge you to visit their website:

On their website, you can follow a simple step by step guide on how to use this software offline on your iPad. We spoke to their director and they are developing a new iPad app with updated graphics and visuals!

If you would like a different way to study and practice then why not have a look at our new online training overview page where you can see some of the main training aids Aviation Insider has to offer:

read ecam a320

READ ECAM, The free A320 ECAM Handling app