THE 737 HANDBOOK An Interactive Guide For Pilots


Use it everywhere, anytime

The 737 Handbook was designed for both phones as well as tablets. This way you can use it comfortably both for a swift system review on the go as well as for in-depth study


Stay up to date

The 737 Handbook receives regular content updates. On top of that, there are new articles coming out each week focusing on different aspects worth reviewing.

Videos, Photos and Simulations

A quick review of the systems, or in-depth information? We have got you covered! You can reinforce the gained system knowledge in the Interactive section

Play and Learn

See what happens behind the scenes when you flip the switches. Practice your descent planning or simulate decompression. All this on 22 interactive simulations


Browse through the FMC, ACARS or CPDLC. Play around with the Electrical, Hydraulic or Fuel systems. What about TCAS or Windshear? We got you covered too! All this plus many more on your tablet and mobile!


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