Online Simulator Preparation Course

£49.99 for 1 month

The Online Simulator Preparation Course is a comprehensive program designed for aspiring pilots to master essential skills for simulator sessions. Covering key topics such as handling, energy management, approaches, autopilot modes, situational awareness, and failure management, this course provides in-depth training on A320 and 737 handling profiles. With instant access to one year of eLearning materials, you will be well-prepared for sim sessions, enhancing your proficiency and confidence in various flight scenarios.


The Online Simulator Preparation Course offers a thorough and structured approach to mastering the critical skills needed for successful simulator sessions. This course covers all essential aspects, including handling techniques, energy management, various approach types, flying raw data, understanding autopilot modes, enhancing situational awareness, and managing failures effectively. With specialized modules on A320 and 737 handling profiles, you will gain valuable insights and practical knowledge tailored to these aircraft. Instant access to a full year of eLearning materials ensures you can study at your own pace, reinforcing your skills and readiness for any sim session.

In addition to technical training, the course emphasizes non-technical skills such as decision-making, communication, and crew resource management (CRM) in the simulator. Learn to navigate complex scenarios, conduct effective briefings, and handle emergencies with confidence. Whether you’re preparing for your first simulator session or looking to refine your existing skills, this comprehensive course provides the tools and knowledge you need to excel. Enhance your situational awareness, master autopilot systems, and become proficient in managing various flight scenarios with our expert-designed curriculum.