Online – Command Preparation Course

From: £250.00

Next Course Dates: 24th/25th & 26th Jan 2022

During the command preparation course, experienced instructors will prepare you to meet the standard required to pass your command upgrade. This intensive three-day course will cover everything from core technical to performance allowing you to benchmark your study and build confidence. Some of the areas we will cover:

  • Core Technical
  • Performance
  • Failure Management
  • Commander Authority and Responsibilities
  • Competences
  • Profiles
  • Regulation Overview
  • Fuel Policy
  • Leadership / Decision Making / Risk Management
  • Ops Procedures


Join the a320 lounge and their team as they take you through a thorough online 3-day command preparation course for all a320 pilots (first officers or captains) looking to further their knowledge and prepare for the transition to the left-hand seat.