Human Performance – ATPL Online Class

£59.99 for 1 month

Human Performance – ATPL Online Class

Have you wanted your own mentor for your ATPL questions?

Book a 1hr session with our instructor and also get our revision notes for 1 month.

Simply add more than 1 to the quantity if you want more than 1 hour. 

Book an ATPL or PPL Groundschool refresher course and you will receive access to all online presentation material for you to go over and study before attending the course. All material will be available through our app to access on the go.

The purpose of this intensive revision course is to consolidate your learning, correct any misunderstandings and prepare you for the exams. To get the best out of this revision course, you must have completed and thoroughly revised your self-study material. This refresher class provides a virtual face to face wash up session, concentrating on the more difficult subject areas or any areas where you would like to focus on. It is not a course designed to teach you the whole syllabus. Come prepped and ready to ask the instructor any areas you’re struggling with or need clarification on.

ZOOM/ Whatsapp or Facetime REQUIRED.

Course location:

Online only

Course content:

The ATPL ground school refresher course lasts 1 hr. Aviation Insider will coordinate a date and time that works for you and the instructor.

What you get access to:

You will gain access to the presentation for 1 month, alongside setting up a video call with one of our instructors.

We offer 1 hour free if you book 5hrs or more. Please contact us if you are interested in this offer.


Human Performance – ATPL Online Class