Flight Simulator Experience


Aviation Insider gives anyone the opportunity to fly a large commercial jet aircraft. Experience the thrill of being an Airline Pilot! Our ultra-realistic, full-motion simulators are normally used by airlines for the rigorous process of pilot training and checking.


Throughout your simulator experience, you will be guided by an experienced airline training Captain. You will be surprised by the effortless maneuverability of the airliner. Up to two people can take part in each experience. You can share the flying, and act as a Captain and Co-Pilot Team. Take-off from your favorite destination and try your hand at some maneuvers in the air. How smooth will your landing be? We can simulate all-weather, and emergency scenarios if you’re feeling adventurous. Want to create your own experience? We would be happy to try to accommodate any requests.

For more information: https://aviationinsider.com/simulator-experiences/