EASA Part 66 – Module 6: Materials & Hardware – Question Bank

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This module begins by covering the wide range of aircraft materials in use today (such as alloys and composites) enabling students to apply their knowledge of atomic structure from the earlier physics module to understand of the characteristics and properties of these materials. The module then introduces components such as fasteners, pipes, springs, bearings, gears, cables and connectors which feature in the maintenance practices module.

6.1 Aircraft Materials – Ferrous
6.2 Aircraft Materials – Non-Ferrous
6.3 Aircraft Materials – Composite and Non-Metallic
6.4 Corrosion
6.5 Fasteners
6.6 Pipes and Unions
6.7 Springs
6.8 Bearings
6.9 Transmissions
6.10 Control Cables
6.11 Electrical Cables and Connectors

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EASA Part 66 – Module 6: Materials & Hardware – Question Bank

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