EASA Part 66 – Module 15: Gas Turbines – Question Bank

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The substantial content within this module covers gas turbine engine fundamentals, performance, detailed explanations of each section of the engine and the supporting systems. Different types of gas turbine engine are considered and the module also includes installation, monitoring, ground running and storage.

15.1 Fundamentals
15.2 Engine Performance
15.3 Inlet
15.4 Compressors
15.5 Combustion Section
15.6 Turbine Section
15.7 Exhaust
15.8 Bearings and Seals
15.9 Lubricants and Fuels
15.10 Lubrication Systems
15.11 Fuel Systems
15.12 Air Systems
15.13 Starting and Ignition Systems
15.14 Engine Indication Systems
15.15 Power Augmentation Systems
15.16 Turbo-prop Engines
15.17 Turbo-shaft Engines
15.18 Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)
15.19 Powerplant Installation
15.20 Fire Protection Systems
15.21 Engine Monitoring and Ground Operation
15.22 Engine Storage and Preservation

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