Drones – Flyer ID – Question Bank

From: £2.99 / week

Practice questions from the CAA Flyer ID test in our online Question Bank

Use this product to prepare for:

  • The theory test to get a flyer ID
  • The operator ID if you also own or are responsible for a drone or model aircraft


Practice the Drone Question Bank stress-free before taking your test with the CAA.

The CAA recently passed new drone laws in the UK making it illegal to fly a drone without registering it and passing the drone theory test for a cost of £9/year.  The drone theory test is designed to ensure drone operators know the basic requirements and procedures to fly lawfully and safely before taking to the skies.

What is in the drone theory test?

The drone theory exam test (UK) is a multiple-choice exam at the end of which you will get a Flyer ID if you fly a drone and an Operator ID if you own a drone. It is likely you will need both.

  • 40 multiple choice questions with a pass mark of 30/40
  • read the new Drone and Model Aircraft Code before taking the test
  • you may take the test as many times as required for free
  • upon completion, you will receive a Flyer ID and/or Operator ID

Your flyer ID is valid for 3 years. For Information see the CAA website buy clicking here