Commercial Pilots License Preparation Course

£39.99 for 1 month

Prepare for your Commercial Pilot’s License with our comprehensive CPL Preparation Course. This expertly designed program provides aspiring commercial pilots with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in their exams and advance their aviation careers.


Our Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) Preparation Course provides aspiring commercial pilots with a comprehensive and structured approach to mastering the essential knowledge and skills needed to achieve their CPL. The course covers all critical areas, including Flight Planning, Navigation, Visual and Instrument Airwork, Abnormal and Emergency Procedures, and Aerodrome Arrival and Circuits. Detailed modules on VFR Minima, Visual Flight Rules, NOTAMs, Mass and Balance, and Performance calculations ensure you gain a thorough understanding of flight planning essentials, while in-depth training on navigation prepares you for effective chart preparation, safe altitude calculations, and wind management.

Additionally, the course offers practical training in visual and instrument airwork, covering stalling, steep turns, unusual attitude recovery, and instrument flying in IMC conditions. Emergency and abnormal procedure training, such as handling engine failures, performing forced landings, and managing in-flight emergencies, is also included. Master the procedures for safe aerodrome arrivals and circuit flying, including normal, flapless, short-field, glide, and asymmetric circuits. Prepare confidently for your CPL skills test with our detailed briefings and tips, ensuring you meet the high standards required for a successful commercial aviation career.