Command Preparation Course

From: £250.00

During the command preparation course, experienced instructors will prepare you to meet the standard required to pass your command upgrade. This intensive two-day course will cover everything from core technical to performance allowing you to benchmark your study and build confidence. Some of the areas we will cover:

  • Core Technical
  • Performance
  • Failure Management
  • Commander Authority and Responsibilities
  • Competences
  • Profiles
  • Regulation Overview
  • Fuel Policy
  • Leadership / Decision Making / Risk Management
  • Ops Procedures

On special request, we can support with confidence and other performance issues. Please let us know before the course and we can look at options with you.


Join our 2-day classroom based course aimed at all A320 pilots (First Officers and Captains) looking to further their knowledge.

Location: L3 Harris, London Training Centre, Crawley, UK – 0830 – 1700

London Training Center
2-3 Gatwick Road
RH10 9BG


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