Practical drone flight training

  • The Practical Flight Training Course has been specifically designed for new/amateur drone operators who want to develop their competency and skills by practising air work with our team of trained drone instructors.
  • It is for people with low drone operating experience who want to develop their skills, or for people looking to move into a more commercial use setting for their drone to practice the skills needed for that.
  • The course is structured around developing the basic flying skills and techniques used to operate drones. Focussing on hand-eye coordination, manual flying skills and manoeuvres such as take-off, landing/recovery and stable flight techniques for photography/videography.
  • The course is designed to be 1:1 but can be delivered to a group if you have several people wanting to learn together.
  • After an introduction and an assessment of your experience level our instructor will then deliver a tailored session to help you get the most from your drone based on what you want to accomplish in a safe, relaxed and informative manner.
  • Our instructor is also there to answer any questions you may have about drones, operating them in the UK, starting to use the drone commercially etc.
  • Their experience can help leapfrog you above others in similar positions, teaching you the tips and tricks to get you off the ground faster than your competition.
  • The main benefit of having a structured practical flight training session is avoiding some of the common mistakes people make with their new drones.
  • As drones have soared in popularity they have become easier and easier to operate – often leading to false overconfidence in ability – leaving manual flying skills at a relatively low level.
  • This can lead to costly crashes and damages. A structured practical flight training course can help develop your skills, maximising your safety and operational performance.

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