Pilots using simulators post COVID-19, Many training centers remained open during the last few months but many airlines using the facilities stopped booking the slots as they put their pilots on furlough.

Most staff from the centers worked from home or were also put on furlough whilst maintenance staff kept the simulator operational for the select few slots that were being used.

“The safety of our people, our customers, and any visitors to our facilities is paramount,” one simulator based in Burgess Hill, England said.

“We are closely monitoring both government and industry advice to ensure that we are doing absolutely everything possible to guarantee the best conditions for everyone involved in activities on our premises”

In addition to standard health and safety procedures simulator centers have introduced the following measures in response to the current public health challenge, Covid-19:

  • Visitors to the Training Centre will be asked to complete the attached questionnaire prior to accessing the facility
  • Social distancing is to be observed in communal areas of the training centre
  • Hand sanitiser is readily available and use is encouraged as required
  • Each crew reporting for a simulator session will be allocated a specific briefing room and should use this room for briefing and debriefing
  • Drinks are allowed in the briefing rooms and crews are encouraged to use their allocated briefing rooms for breaks as needed
  • Every briefing room is cleaned before and after use
  • The simulators areĀ cleaned between each session
  • Crews are encouraged to bring and use their own personal headsets for use on the simulator
  • Oxygen masks are not available at this time
  • The crew room remains available for customers only
  • Customers are encouraged to use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when using the simulator.

Aviation Insider utilize all the major simulator centres in the UK and follow these guidelines set out by the centres. If you would like to enquire about a simulator booking please contact us here: https://aviationinsider.com/simulator-contact-form/

Pilots using simulators post COVID-19