Mental Health and Wellbeing


Mental Health and Wellbeing

2020 was a monumental year not just in Aviation. It’s one where many lessons have been learned for the better or worse. The pilot role has always had a higher level of stress than many other jobs. This crisis surpasses 9/11 many times over as a negative impact on the industry. Initially, pilots were very proactive in seeking information and communicating with each other but, as time went on, many withdrew and began to isolate themselves. Many suffered relationship breakdowns, financial ruin, self-medication through substance misuse, and self-harm. Aviation Insider is proud to collaborate with fantastic companies all with an aviation background for pilots and for cabin crew.

The CAA also has a publication which you can view here

Mental Health and Wellbeing. We trust the companies below:

Resilient Pilot

Resilient Pilot has supported over 6,000 members since being formed during the pandemic. We are still a volunteer-run, non-profit organisation with a team of over 50 professionals passionate about facilitating the continuous development of our aviators.

Since the beginning of our journey we have been refining and evolving our offering. We are really proud to provide a rich suite of virtual activities that we know are of huge value to your continuous development. The success of our programme means we have attracted funding from The UK Government which means we are able to offer the CRD at a heavily subsidised rate of Ā£30 per month.

We are excited to be to be able to invite an additional 100 members from our community to join our flagship fully inclusive RESILIENT membership.

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Kura Human Factors

Protecting Licences, Livelihoods, and Lives – Pilot Wellbeing and understanding human fallibility are at the core of Kura Human Factors. KHF provide a networked PSP that encompasses AOC holders from all over Europe with an innovative concept MAPS (Multi Airline Peer Support Programme). MAPS aims to tackle the stigma surrounding Mental Health that still exists in aviation. In addition to their Peer Support Programme MAPS they provide:

  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Courses
  • Suicide First Aid (SFA) Courses
  • DWP funded CRM Trainer Courses
  • CRM refresher training, encompassing wellbeing
  • Part 145 HF courses for Engineering, encompassing wellbeing
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing training for AOC holders.
  • Their culturally diverse team of Pilots and Mental Health Professionals have the ability to support in multiple languages.
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