Mental Health and Wellbeing


Mental Health and Wellbeing

2020 has been a monumental year not just in Aviation. It’s one where many lessons have been learned for the better or worse. The pilot role has always had a higher level of stress than many other jobs. This current crisis surpasses 9/11 many times over as a negative impact on the industry. Initially, pilots were very proactive in seeking information and communicating with each other but, as time went on, many withdrew and began to isolate themselves. Many suffered relationship breakdowns, financial ruin, self-medication through substance misuse, and self-harm. Aviation Insider is proud to collaborate with 4 fantastic companies all with an aviation background for pilots and for cabin crew.

The CAA has a publication which you can view here

Since the announcement of the UK CAP1695 & EASA CAT.GEN.MPA.215 aviation regulations governing Pilot Support Programmes over two years ago, KURA Human Factors have been at the heart of the Peer Support Programme arena. They have delivered training to the UK CAA, most recently providing Mental Health and Wellbeing training to the UK CAA’s Flight Operations Inspectors and sit between the regulator and operator to ensure compliance with the new regulatory framework. KHF currently provides a networked PSP that encompasses AOC holders from all over Europe. Kura’s innovative concept MAPS (Multi Airline Peer Support Programme) has created a community response to wellbeing with AOC holders recognizing the benefit of a Pilot Centric approach to peer support.

Mental Health and Wellbeing. We trust the companies below:

Kura Human Factors

Protecting Licences, Livelihoods, and Lives – Pilot Wellbeing and understanding human fallibility are at the core of Kura Human Factors. KHF provide a networked PSP that encompasses AOC holders from all over Europe with an innovative concept MAPS (Multi Airline Peer Support Programme). MAPS aims to tackle the stigma surrounding Mental Health that still exists in aviation. In addition to their Peer Support Programme MAPS they provide:

  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Courses
  • Suicide First Aid (SFA) Courses
  • DWP funded CRM Trainer Courses
  • CRM refresher training, encompassing wellbeing
  • Part 145 HF courses for Engineering, encompassing wellbeing
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing training for AOC holders.
  • Their culturally diverse team of Pilots and Mental Health Professionals have the ability to support in multiple languages.
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Cockpit Coaches

The Pilot Realignment Program by Cockpit Coaches is a “by application only” online program. It covers over 40 online training modules plus weekly live group coaching calls in several time zones. Together with pilots from all over the world.

Through the program you will empower yourself to create professional opportunities outside the cockpit to experience freedom, fulfilment and financial prosperity on a whole new level. So you will have a choice when it comes to flying. You can, if you want to. Not because you have to.

As part of the application process for the Pilot Realignment Program, you have to successfully complete the 5-day Pilot Realignment Challenge first. Free of charge.

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The Crew Collective

The Crew Collective is a global lifestyle platform and membership collective dedicated to improving the personal wellbeing of Flight Attendants whilst supporting them professionally.

They recognise the benefits of a sense of belonging for physical and mental health and the social ties that accompany this as a protective factor in helping manage stress.

As well as providing a much-needed community, The Crew Collective champion self-care and equip their members with the tools to not only provide the best service onboard but to take the best possible care of themselves both at home and on duty.

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We trust the following companies and their ethics.