New A30 Headset Elevates Pilot Experience Across Flying Environments

March 28, 2023 – Bose, the leader in premium aviation headset technology, today announced its latest innovation: the new A30 Aviation Headset. Unveiled at the SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo in Lakeland, Fla., the A30 is an entirely new product, designed to bring pilots the best combination of comfort, noise cancellation and audio clarity of any aviation headset on the market.

Bose engineers designed the A30 as a completely new platform supported by a modern architecture, inspired by decades of research and pilot input. The A30 features reduced clamping force for comfort, improved clarity and a new digital active noise reduction system that enables three modes of user selectable noise cancellation for use in different fight environments – a frst for around-ear aviation headsets.

“When we asked pilots what improvement was most important to them, their overwhelming response was comfort,” said Matt Ruwe, a pilot and senior product manager for Bose. “We took that seriously and developed a new balance in the A30 with noticeably more comfort while maintaining and enhancing headset performance. The changes amplify the experience for our core A20 users while appealing to a broader range of pilots.”

The new A30 is the latest addition to the Bose aviation headset lineup which also includes the ProFlight Series 2, a specialized in-ear aviation headset designed specifcally for jet pilots.


“Nearly 13 years after its launch, improving upon the A20 was no small feat,” said Hratch Astarjian, manager, Global Aviation & Military Sales & Service at Bose. “Pilots will fnd everything they love about the A20 and more in the new A30.” The new Bose A30 Aviation Headset features are:


  • Reduced clamping force: Building on the success of the A20, largely considered the industry’s best aviation headset, the new A30 retains the iconic center pivot spring design in the headband but now boasts a 20% reduction in clamping force. Additionally, engineers shifted the headset’s center of gravity to ensure stability. Together, these features reduce hot spots and improve ft across a wider range of head sizes, making long fights more comfortable.
  • Toolless side swappable down cable and mic: Pilots can transfer the A30’s boom mic and down cable to either side of the headset without tools to improve cockpit ergonomics. The headset’s improved down cable is lighter and more fexible for easier movement and storage. “It provides excellent protection from interference and radiated emissions while meeting and exceeding important technical requirements,” said Ruwe.

Noise Reduction

  • Three modes of user selectable noise cancellation: The Bose A30 is the frst-ever around-ear headset with three modes of user selectable noise cancellation. The high, medium and low modes will beneft pilots in nearly all fying use cases and environments – from piston aircraft to commercial airliners. When enabled via a user selectable switch setting, the A30 also allows pilots to double-tap the earcups for easy talk-through communication off intercom.

Audio Clarity

  • New digital architecture for improved audio and noise reduction: The most signifcant advancement in technology, the digital active noise reduction system provides full attenuation in even louder environments compared to the Bose A20. Incoming signals are automatically shaped and equalized for enhanced clarity and intelligibility, providing renewed balance and unmatched audio clarity.
  • Precision-focused noise cancelling microphone: Engineered for aircraft with “hot mic” or PTT systems, this feature increases clarity and reduces background noise during transmission.


  • Robust design: As part of Bose’s research and development, the A30 passed a rigorous process of more than 145 separate tests to ensure the headset will successfully endure the harshest cockpit environments. These tests included extreme heat, electricity, explosive atmosphere testing, extended wear and many more.
  • Industry certifcation: The Bose A30 is FAA TSO and EASA E/TSO-C139a certifed and has been thoroughly tested in various aircraft. The Bose A30 also meets many military specifcations, ISO standards, CE standards and the requirements of aviation regulatory groups worldwide, including ARINC.
  • Extra protection from improved carrying case: The A30 carrying case features internal zippered storage and padded sides for extra protection.

Battery and Connectivity

  • Enhanced headset performance: A new fully digital active noise reduction system enhances the headset’s performance with a minimum of 45 hours from two AA alkaline batteries in typical aircraft noise.
  • Bluetooth® audio (for select models): Users can connect wirelessly to mobile devices, audio systems and electronic fight bags. Bluetooth audio can be mixed with intercom audio or have intercom transmissions mute Bluetooth temporarily.

Backed by Bose’s 30 years of aviation headset research and development, the A30 has over 25 new and existing U.S. patents, making it one of the most heavily patented products Bose has ever produced.


Pilots across general aviation, business aviation and commercial aviation few with the headset and provided valuable feedback that shaped the fnal product. The result is a headset developed and engineered to perform in high-intensity fight environments.

“The A30 is a combination of what we know works incredibly well with A20 as well as what customers have asked for in a new headset,” said Ruwe. “In addition, we considered how this headset could meet customers’ needs well into the future.”

Greg Delp, a pilot with 35 years of fying experience and a professional pilot with Boeing 737 and Gulfstream type ratings, few with the headset across multiple aircraft platforms.

“After using the A30 in the quieter cockpits of the most modern business jets as well as louder environments found in piston aircraft, I can say that Bose has once again set the standard for all other aviation headsets,” he said. “The enhancements found in the A30 add up to superior comfort for even the longest intercontinental fights.”


The Bose A30 Aviation Headset will retail for $1,249 in the U.S. and will be available for purchase beginning on March 28, 2023, at 8 a.m. ET. It can be ordered online or through the worldwide Bose dealer network. The A30 comes with a fve-year warranty that covers parts and labor. Additionally, Bose offers a 30-day fight trial to allow customers to experience the Bose A30 in their own fying environments.

About Bose Aviation

Dr. Amar Bose sketched his concept for noise cancellation technology in 1978 on a fight from Europe to Boston after a disappointing frst experience with electronic headphones. That sketch was the foundation for a legacy of sound innovation that would revolutionize the fying experience for pilots. In 1989, Bose introduced the frst commercially available active noise reduction headset. Over more than 30 years, Bose engineers have developed products for the military and aviation markets. The A30 Aviation Headset is the evolution of this work, giving pilots the best combination of comfort, noise cancellation and audio clarity of any aviation headset on the market.

About Bose Corporation

Bose is world renowned for its premium audio solutions for the home, on the go, in the cockpit and in the car. Since its founding in 1964 by Dr. Amar Bose, the company has been dedicated to delivering amazing sound experiences through innovation. And its passionate employees — engineers, researchers, music fanatics, and dreamers — have remained committed to the belief that sound is the most powerful force on earth; its ability to transform, transport, and make us feel alive. For nearly 60 years, this belief has driven us to create products that have become iconic, changing the way people experience sound.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by Bose Corporation is under license.


Compared to the A20, the A30 is an improved headset platform due to its new features, including:

  • Enhanced comfort achieved through a purposeful design with quality materials, redistribution of weight throughout the headset and reduced clamping force.
  • Digital active noise reduction with three modes of active noise cancellation.
  • Tap control.
  • A thinner, more fexible down cable.
  • A swappable down cable (no tools required).
  • Storage in a smaller carrying case.

Comparing Bose Aviation Headsets



ProFlight Series 2

introduced 2023

introduced 2010

introduced 2019

Clamping Force

360 Grams (On

450 Grams (On

275 Grams (On

Average Heads)

Average Heads)

Average Heads)

On-Head Weight*

14.2 Ounces (404

14.46 Ounces (410

4.5 Ounces (128




Noise Environment

Virtually All


Mid to Low

Noise Reduction

Three Modes


Three Modes





Long Term Durability




Active Equalization








*On-head weight includes the headset system and half of the upper portion of the down cable.

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