Aviation Insider was one of the first approved aviation-related suppliers to the DWP alongside AirlinePrep. We worked with the DWP to support unemployed and redundant pilots. Our job center support page has been seen thousands of times to help those pilots who had just received the unfortunate news, find the next steps and it offered the pilot a lifeline to retrain and re-skill. 

Aviation Insider has assisted hundreds of pilots over the last year with their job center application. (More information found here) It doesn’t necessarily mean Aviation Insider would run or get their training but we offered free advice and support to obtain funding. Some of the main areas we helped pilots obtain funding was; simulator refresher training, license support, and other services to those wishing to re-skill. We continue to work privately to support those pilots from either the UK, Europe or internationally with our services. 

We recently launched the a320 Technical refresher videos and will continue to expand and develop them, this compliments all our other a320 products and is great for revision at a time when pilots aren’t flying as much. We do have products for other aircraft like Boeing and Embraer so do check out our online training store.

Aviation Insider has new products and services launching this year and we are constantly updating our website and app on a daily basis making it, even more user-friendly and easier to find the information you need. 

With a wealth of industry knowledge and resources behind us, Aviation Insider has all the information you need to prepare yourself for the next phase of your career. Partner companies are key to us and that’s why we only partner with companies we believe are ethical, relevant, and offer a fantastic trusted service.

We have so much on offer from a free online pilot logbook with new features coming soon, free aspiring pilot information, YouTube interviews with the top-flight schools and training organizations in the country, Find your nearest flight school or medical examiner pages, and much more!

See all our products here: Online Training Store and to learn more about what Aviation Insider has to offer visit: www.aviationinsider.com