JOC - Jet Orientation Course


JOC - Jet Orientation Course

Jet Orientation Course on B737 | A320

The Jet Orientation Course (JOC) is a stepping stone for students with a Multi-Crew Cooperation certificate but no jet handling experience. It has been designed to bring individuals up to the same standard of handling as an MCC/JOC student and should be viewed as a preparation course for an airline simulator assessment. For many airlines, the completion of a JOC is a mandatory prerequisite to the pilot selection process.

Courses are run by currently serving training captains. Aimed to bring you fundamental jet handling experience and advanced considerations of jet operations.

In partnership with PMFlight, the jet orientation course follows a specific structure to obtain a step by step advanced knowledge of jet handling, but can also be tailored to fit different experience levels. Listed below is the standard JOC course which covers all the main factors of jet transport operations specifically targeting jet handling. It is also an ideal foundation for those wishing to do more expansive preparation work prior to airline interviews as an alternative to our standard airline sim preps. The primary course is taught on the B737 NG fixed based simulator (with dynamic control loading for accurate performance and feel), a second course is available for the A320.

What is included?

Full and highly detailed jet handling course notes prior to course start (see sample)
Expert instruction by professional pilots / current line Captains.
MCC refresher component built into the JOC course
Modular approach to training, can be tailored to your needs
Two full days of intensive training, sometimes split to three days depending on your requirements

What does it cost?

Single applicant: £1500
Hidden extras or costs? NONE

Entry requirements:

English Language
Multi engine IR
ATPL / Theoretical subjects passed
Optional FFS component:

After completing the primary course, you can do a 2hr FFS in A320 or 737 as part of this package at a much-reduced rate. Please ask for further details.

pmFlight has become renowned for offering the highest level of bespoke and professional training to pilots. Our remit is to give you quality training directly from experienced airline pilots. Places are limited and pilots must have completed basic training first.

Jet Orientation SHORT Course on B737 | A320

This is an intensive short alternative course. Total of 5hrs simulator using either A320 fixed based simulator or B737 fixed based simulator. It includes 4hrs of ground training that targets either aircraft type. The cost of this course is £890 + VAT.

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