We are pleased to announce our new category! Following the same approach as “Pilot Services” and “Drones”, we wanted to collect our knowledge and experience to bring you the complete guide to being Cabin Crew!

Our team have years of experience in this role, so it was a natural area of expertise.

Our different sections include:

Want to Become Cabin Crew? – We detail the necessary requirements to become Cabin Crew, as well as suggestions for the type of skills that would be helpful for you to be successful in your application. We also suggest how the different airlines come with varying contracts and lifestyles. It’s important for you to choose one that will suit you best. Then there is a helpful section explaining the kind of crew jargon you may come across in our guides: there really is a whole new language to learn when speaking about aviation!

The Application Process – In this section we give you important advice for the application process and assessment day. The process to become cabin crew is quite unique, and it’s important that you stand out and shine for the right reasons. We have advice and a general breakdown of the interview and group exercise that you may need to participate in, as well as airline-specific interview prep guides which have been created based on recent experience.

Your Journey – From Initial Training, to Line Flying, Recurrent and Career Progression, we break down exactly what you can expect from a flying career. We detail how the Initial Training Course is broken down, listing the topics you will cover, as well as handy hints and tips. In Line Flying we give you a full break down of how a day in the life may look, and Recurrent tells you some of the assessments you may come across in your yearly exams. Our Career Progression section shows you where your crew career could lead to, as well as ideas for other roles that would benefit from the transferable skills you will have learnt.

Aviation Lifestyle – In this section you will find a section that leads you to our friends and partners at Crew Collective. They are a global lifestyle and wellbeing platform, dedicated to supporting cabin crew worldwide. It is a virtual home for connecting thousands of like-minded aviation professionals and providing a sense of unity and support within the industry. We also have a selection of handpicked products with an exclusive Aviation Insider Discount Code!

Training Store – Of course we’ve also created and curated some useful training materials for you to help with your process. We have airline specific interview guides, created from first hand experience, One to One Interview Training, a day course for preparations, and also a CV and Cover Letter package! We’ve also gathered information for you to find where will best suit you to complete your attestation.

This is such an exciting process, and a wonderful industry to be a part of. We cant wait to welcome you on board!